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KillIconsMod 331

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OMG, I Lagged Out (Again)
Blog Wed Nov 28

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KillIconsMod 321
Mod Fri Sep 28

It Is Good Day
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Kill Icons! Engineers! Rewrites! Corncakes.
(Fri Dec 21 @ 11:23 AM)

Happy End of the World Day! Wait, it didn't happen? Aw...well, another one to add to the list.

In even lighter news, a bunch of stuff has been happening here recently. I might have slept in for the Mecha Update, but I got up in time to update KillIconsMod no less than 12 hours late! New record, amirite?

Also, it is apparently "Rewrite Season" for developers up North here in Canada. At least it is for me--I've been in the mood to rewrite all my SourceMod plugins recently. I haven't quite done that yet, but I am presently working on two: Be the Robot and Spawnlist. Have some briefings.

Be the Robot's rewrite (1.3) should be out sometime today! Since the Mecha Update was announced, nearly everyone's been waiting patiently for it, and I'm happy to say that Engineer-bot support won't be the only thing it boasts:

bulletCleaner code! 1.2 is a mess.
bulletNatives! No more having to use ServerCommand to interact with it. Yuck.
bulletMore features and cvars! In addition to that, more stability. BTR currently acts weird upon mapchange

Again, I'm looking to release it sometime tonight, hopefully sooner if I can get it tested a bit more than I usually do.

Also, Spawnlist is getting a rewrite, too! Spawnlist, as most of you know, is the main feature of our TF2 Sandbox. In its current state, it's...bad. Both user-wise and code-wise. You may not think so, but you have not seen the messy, messy code, and you have not seen Spawnlist 2. I plan to go into detail on what I mean after I throw the update onto Sandbox, but for now, here's a quick overview of what Spawnlist 2 has:

bulletCleaner, better menus
bullet"Context" menus within those menus...you'll see what I mean ;)
bulletHead resizing! :D
bulletPopular /health and /speed commands added to the menu

Wait WAT? Dueling??? Hells yes. We've all heard those youngsters out there quietly screaming  "OMG NO GODMODE THAT'S NO FAIR!"...and they're right. Using conditions, /health, or other cheats in the middle of a fight is pretty cheap, and so Duels will be the official way to solve that.

Unlike Valve's stock TF2 duels, Sandbox Duels are free and have even more options. Soldier only? Sure. Engineer-only-with-2000-health-on-spawn? Any way you want. You'll even be able to choose to fight only within specific areas of Bigcity, so your Duel doesn't become a game of Hide-and-Go-Seek-Tag. It's all up to you, and your opponent of course.

Spawnlist 2 will be released onto Sandbox hopefully before the end of the w...year. If you like Sandbox as it is now, you're gonna love the new Spawnlist.

Anyway, IGOTTAGO now and continue working on Be the Robot! I just spent a good 20 minutes writing up this post x_x




KillIconsMod 331 Released
(Thu Nov 29 @ 9:25 PM)

Yes. New icon for the Memory Maker. Another non-Engi and non-Spy reskin! Perfect reason to break kill icons.




OMG, I Lagged Out (Again)
(Wed Nov 28 @ 3:51 PM)

Did you see those Service Unavailable errors that kept happening over and over and over and over again on here? Of course you did. They had, like, a 67% chance to happen each time you came here. Welp, they should finally be fixed now. Happy days. Although, image loading still seems to be a bit...sluggish.

Anyway, what have I been working on? .....Nothing. I'm terrible at not procrastinating. Still though, since last month, the promised Squiggly Update came to Sandbox! So, yay.

Also, I keep posting on the 28th of every month. What's up with that? :p




More Stuff
(Sun Oct 28 @ 7:25 PM)

Not one month later (well, actually, exactly one month later) and we're back with some new stuff!

For everyone: KillIconsMod 324, with Halloween 2012 icons, has been out since yesterday...and I forgot to update the actual KillIconsMod page with the download link. Whoops. There's been a link to it on the Steam Group page, though, so no complete loss....right? And it's all over the place now. So bam.

Also! For server owners: Be the Robot 1.2: I'm Terrible At Keeping Promises Edition. As long as those promises are about release dates, though. 95% of the stuff you asked for is in there; loads of cvars, and a made-over Sentry Buster. Woot!

And who could forget Fake and Force 1.3.1, with some long-overdue MvM fake-stuff, and a fix for the new Haunted quality colour. Spooky!

And that's just the beginning! Well, no, not really, that's the end of this post. However! Tons of cool stuff is coming to Sandbox very, very soon. We're talking mini-games. And a moving Horsemann. And a certain terrible-wizard-roommate.

And maybe, eventually, another certain labyrinth-loving magician.




KillIconsMod 321, and other stuff
(Fri Sep 28 @ 2:30 PM)

Bang! KillIconsMod version 321 has an icon for the new Freedom Staff weapon, along with a fix for the Eureka Effect's icon.

But where is the other stuff? Well, Not So Mapcycle!, an update to TF2 Sandbox, was released yesterday. It's got tons of new stuff, like the ability to join BLU Team and the ability to call people dead. What am I talking about? Go check it out!

In addition, TF2Fix and Be the Robot will be updated by Monday, I promise. For real, this time. Both updates are long overdue.

I've also been thinking about getting back into apps, more specifically updating Garage Keys and continuing work on TF2 Sounds. Hopefully, we'll eventually see both! One might even be released by the end of the year.




KillIconsMod 309
(Fri Aug 3 @ 2:20 PM)

Aaaand it's out! New icons for the new weapons, along with another one for the Beggar's Bazooka. I just couldn't stand to see it's tilted kill icon any longer.

Also, the page was redesigned. The old one was...uh. Let's just say my head wasn't exactly on straight when I released v300 (that, or I was short on time...or both. I forget.)




It Is Good Day
(Thu Aug 2 @ 9:35 PM)

Anyone who has played on MSTR's Sandbox server would know that it should have honestly been renamed to Lag Simulator 2000. Having more than 10 players meant 1000+ ping  for anyone who wasn't right next to the server, due to the limits of self-hosting.

And how long have I been promising a new server? Quite some time now. Well, a few days ago I figured that it was time to stop stalling and geet 'er done, as they say.

Long story short: NEW SERVER FOR SANDBOX! Now you can visit for all your Sandbox needs instead. Or, optionally, reconnect to the old server and hit F3 to accept the server's redirect request once you're in.

Also: said server has most of the new items in the surprise TF2 update shipped today, so come try it out in our not-so-patented bot-killing plugin-testing wonderland!

One more thing: KillIconsMod is going to be updated late tonight or early tomorrow morning, stay tuned for that as well.




Would You Look At That
(Sun Jul 15 2012 @ 6:30 PM)

As you may or may not have noticed, everything is dark (except this text) so that, hopefully, the text on mstr.ca will be less painful to your eyes, and that bold points like that one will stand out way more. In fact, they're not even bold anymore, just pure white. I was thinking about a layout redesign, but man...just changing the colour of the friggin' text fixes just about all my problems, ever. Not bad.

Anyway, while you were reading that text, this was released. Caber Taunt Kill: Get taunt kills with the, um, caber.

What else is coming? TF2Fix 1.3 still doesn't have enough fixes for a release, but just a few more and some of the really subtle Pyromania bugs will be fixed (Valve already fixed the big ones that I couldn't quite get fast enough). Fake and Force 1.3 is also coming--you know how renaming an item notifies everyone on the server about it now? Yup.

Also! For all you fans of MSTR's not-so 24/7 TF2 Sandbox server (, we're hoping to drop "not-so" from that soon!
bullet24/7 -- won't only be open some days!
bulletMore slots!
bulletMore bots, or in your cases, practice targets!
bulletServer will be overall faster than my crappy self-hosted one on our home internet.

All that from an inexpensive VPS; that's what I'm planning. And yes, donator features are also being planned. Really inexpensive. Adds onto what you already have on Sandbox, instead of taking it away from the other players. Aces!

But, if you still hate the server, a consolation prize is in the works: Custom Weapons 2.0. You know the !custom menu on the server? Well, it's all hard-coded and messy: the usual reason for me not releasing plugins. CW2 will basically be Freak Fortress 2 for weapons: create, customize, and share your own weapons, using custom attributes! You can even make your own attributes if you're a coder who doesn't like the defaults. Right then!

Now, XP wouldn't possibly bunch all this great news together with any bad news, would he? Skybox is being discontinued. Whoops.

But yeah. Far too many people have been coming to me and saying that the app just doesn't work. MSTR's other apps work, but not Skybox. So, why not fix it? Because apparently, money. That, and...Skype just doesn't have that same "feel" to it anymore. I never talk to anyone on it nowadays...that said, if you're trying to contact me, add me on Steam. Don't tell anyone, but...it's better.

Either way, about discontinuing Skybox: if it does actually work for you still, it'll keep on working. No problem. In fact, it'll still be available for download from the apps page for a good long ever. Go get it right now if you still wanna try it. But, if it doesn't work for you, tough break. Sorry.

Man, I hate to end posts with bad news...have some neutral news to compensate: Garage Keys 1.1 and TF2 Sounds, unlike Skybox, aren't discontinued. They aren't actively being worked on, but will still be released eventually.




KillIconsMod 300
(Thu Jun 28 2012 @ 7:30 PM)





Happy Brofist Day
(Thu Jun 14 2012 @ 12:50 PM)

Yep, I just declared June 14 as International Brofist Day, where you go around to every TF2 server ever and yell at them to install BROFIST, which I just released. Today also doubles as my birthday, so Happy Brofisting Birthday to me! That...doesn't sound right.

And prepare your server(s) for MORE PLUGINS, cause another one is probably coming tomorrow. Pitch Bender, anyone?




Lag Much?
(Sun Jun 10 2012 @ 6:35 AM)

MSTR.ca and MasterOfTheXP.com have been on and off constantly for the past few weeks. Apparently my host has been acknowledging this so it's not my fault, but it's pretty annoying. Yet, finding another host, moving all my stuff, and forwarding all my domains would be even more of a pain, so...bleh.

Another big issue is that their Windows hosting doesn't seem to exist anymore. I still have mine, but the fact that they are no longer offering new Windows plans worries me. Hopefully it's just a glitch, as you'd think they would announce something like that, but you can never be too sure.

My birthday is coming up in four days, so hopefully they can fix everything by then as a gift to me. However, as a gift to you guys, I'll be releasing some top-of-the-line plugins used on MSTR's TF2 testing server starting on that day (Thursday) like, such as, the server-side version of BROFIST, my revamped version of Play Sounds, and possibly even a secret weapon my admins are having fun playing with: Model Fun 2.

Once that happens, in all likelyhood the big TF2 MvM (Mann vs. Machine?) update will be released and TF2Fix 1.3 will arrive with all its expected fixes. I must say, I've never before wanted an update to TF2 to have so many glitches...so I can fix 'em :3 the only bug I hope never gets hardcoded in again, however, is-is-is-is-is-is



Stay Close to Cart!
(Mon May 14 2012 @ 5:05 PM)

"Why are you addicted to SourceMod plugin-making, where is TF2 Sounds, and WHERE IS SKYBOX AND GARAGE KEYS 1.1???"

These questions are in your mind right now, because you just read them. They've also been asked to me by certain individuals. They are very good questions.

Allow me to not answer them and instead provide my daily routine:
bulletWake up
bulletWork on SourceMod plugins
bulletTest on my server
bulletLucid dream, if lucky

When, you might be asking, will this be over? Well, TF2 hasn't gotten a huge update in the past while, meaning one is most likely on the way. (along with, hopefully, Meet the Pyro) Once that gets released, TF2Fix 1.3 will contain many many bugfixes for the glitches it's bound to have (sorry Valve, but I know you), KillIconsMod will receive a crapton of new kill icons, and hopefully by then Boss Battles will be fixed (if you've even played 1.2, you'd know it's quite a bit buggy) along with many other plugins released.

Then, I'll start to work on other stuff.

TL;DR: My priorities shift with every major TF2 update.




Update Day!
(Sat May 12 2012 @ 10:45 PM)

Yep, better get your booties, cause it's: UUUPDAAAATE DAAAAY!

And I'm really late when it comes to letting you guys know that it is. But, either way, the following plugins have been updated:

bulletTF2Fix (1.2.2)
bulletFake and Force (1.1)
bulletQuick Spectate (1.1)

The new TF2Fix boasts several new fixes, Quick Spectate now has adminmenu support, and, of course, Fake and Force has been reworked to use the new chat colours introduced in a recent TF2 update.

Yep, you heard right, Fake and Force is now somewhat useful. Enjoy!



Boss Battles 1.2!
(Fri Apr 20 2012 @ 2:00 PM)

FINALLY. Boss Battles 1.2 was just released and now I can get back to working on other stuff, namely TF2 Sounds more SourceMod plugins. Bah!

Well, I'll try to get more time into TF2 Sounds pretty soon. Until then, expect more plugins!




I'm a Rocket Man
(Fri Mar 30 2012 @ 1:00 PM)

Boss Battles 1.2 sure is taking a while. Why not get distracted with MSTR's newest plugin, Rocket?

That's right. With Rocket, you can slay players in a whole new way: by throwing them up into the air and making them go BOOM! Sound familiar? If so, perhaps you've used Evolve. This is basically a direct port of ev_rocket from Evolve to SourceMod. Enjoy!




I Already Fixed It!
(Sun Mar 18 2012 @ 1:12 PM)

How many bugs are in Team Fortress 2 right now? Both you and I know that you don't want to count 'em all, there's too many. Most of which, Valve likely knows about. Have they fixed them? Well...no. They're probably too busy working on Episode Three. Can you blame them?

But that's where this plugin comes in. This plugin--no, it doesn't blame them--it fixes what they haven't. Or, at least, whatever bugs I could get server-side.

It's called TF2Fix, and you can get it right now by clicking on that name it has. That's you, server owners. Just about all of you.




An Update
(Fri Mar 16 2012 @ 1:55 AM)

Just a quickie post to let you guys know that a) I am alive and b) I am not only playing TF2, in fact I haven't played it with anyone else since the day the video was posted.

TF2 Sounds won't be coming that soon, unfortunately. It's now the next project on my list--instead, two plugins have jumped in front of it and are now consuming 95% of my time each day.

Boss Battles 1.2 is coming soon. Very soon. Very, very soon. If you've been stalking me on Steam, you'd know that it'll have several new features like a damage tracker, new HUD, and, well, I won't spoil the rest.

And, like I said, another mystery plugin will be released soon. Current game plan: release said plugin on Sunday, open the {MSTR} Server and publicly test Boss Battles 1.2 on Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned!






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